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Jetbus's Fleet

Jetbus is an affordable and comfortable land travelling mode from the city to the airport and vice versa. With Jetbus, the buses conditions and safety is a crucial aspect within Jetbus's policy. The range buses are well maintain from time to time to minimise the downtown and maintain the safety concern to the customers. Below are the features equipped with Jetbus's range of fleet:-


Global Positioning System (GPS)
The features of this system are as below:-
- Speed limit controller to prevent the vehicle from overspeeding
- Location based identification (The current location of the bus is updated live)
- Panic Alert (This function is use in case of emergency)
- Trip record (This is to record the route used by the buses up to 60 days)
Safety Belt
- Each seat is equipped with 2-point safety belt
- The seat belt is suitable for children
- The only airport shuttle bus equipped with dedicated safety belt on each seat
- Have the confident of safety while travelling with Jetbus.
All in one Service Center
Jetbus has it's own service center facilities located in Kajang. The service center is operated 24 hours a day to handle and maintain the buses conditions and this is to make sure each of the bus is in tip-top condition. The facilities and service available are such as:-

- Tyre
- Engine overhaul & service
- Vehicle undercarriage inspection
- 24 hours breakdown & emergency service
- Coachworks such as painting